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Sadguru Vishal Dev

1. Viditnama-Sadguru Vishal Dev. Childhood name Barishal. Birth 1885 | Place of Birth - Dupfar Pur, Rearing Village - Saraiyan, Barabanki (UP) Father Shri Sita Ram Burma
2. Entrance to Sage Life - 1905 | Guru-Saint Mr. Raghubar Saheb,
3. Initial Sadhana and Tapasya - Bandhiya Bagh-7 Bardha near Saraiya village. Traveling at the request of devotees. Viren Q, Rajasthan, Kathmandu-Nepal. Life-long variance without an alliance.
A. After the age of 4.45 years, he started keeping the disciples with him. Virata disciples of Hindu (all caste), Muslim and Sikh community
About 100 saints. All the four devotees either wandered together or took permission, in the meantime, there are four major texts - Bhavayan Muktidwar, Truth
Fidelity and New Testament creation without writing and paper. Rafale, detailed interpretation in the edification by his principal disciple Sadguru Prem Dev. 5. Last migration-Body Moojapur (Kalyaninadi-coast District Barachki (UP) Falgun Krishna Shashthi JS 2033 (1977) at 4 AM at the age of 93. In the presence of thousands of saintly disciples Samadhi of the body.
Sadguru Premdev 1. In 1977, after Gurudev's coronation, the saint-society started wandering under the umbrella of his senior disciple, whom we know as Sadguru Premdev. The Sant Samaj was known by the name of Barabanki.
2. Sadguru Premdev, Former Name- Jaydev Tiwari Father Shri Rakarag Tiwari (Sanskrit Basis in Ayodhya) Jana Village Makunahi, Nunayar Station, District Deoria (UP) Sadhguru while committing homicide at the age of 9 years Near Vishal Dev
Arrived. From then on, in his service, he continued to write education and literature for society. He was a lifelong lifter. Vishal Ashram
1. Fire, Amarupa, Jagun, Neem, Mahua, Sheesham, Teak, Rudraksh, Chandan, Amla, etc. The vast ashram is the name of a beautiful, peaceful environment filled with almost two hundred trees and medicinal plants of 25 species. It is about 3 acres of lush green land near the banks of river Kalyani and the village of Munjapur. Where from 1940 to 1977, from time to time, Sadhguru Vishvaldev's efforts with the saint-society continued. Some of the ashes of the scriptures like Bhavan, Satya Gyan Prakash, etc. were composed in a quiet environment here. The spiritual
Some chapters of psychology were also written here. Being the ascetic and charming environment of saints, it automatically assumed the form of the ashram. Therefore, we cannot set any purpose in this ashram. Rather, anyone can use this holy and secluded tapo land to keep their mind pure and calm. 2. In order to enable people to enjoy the benefits of the auspicious environment, since 1977, fair Bhandara and Satsang were organized by the Mujapur villagers as a pious memory of Falgun Krishna, Shashthi, and Saptami at the Samadhi Sthal of Sadhguru Vishal Dev every year.
Stayed. In which the saints of foreign countries continued to attend. Later the saint continued to go into the details. Sant Shri Nishtha Saheb 1. In 1990-91, the brothers of the devotee Trikam Bhai of Ahmedabad organized an event to be held at the Samadhi Sthal of Vishaldev.
Purchased raw bigha land to give a systematic look. Baijnath and Panna Lal, the lord of the Samadhi land from behind, surrendered their one and a half bigha land. And the villagers reserved around Kadhya 5 bigha land for the huge fairground. In this sequence, taking the blessings of Guru Premdev, his disciple Shri Nishtha Saheb Ji registered the Samadhi Sthal in the name of Sant Kabir Spirituality Institute and turned it into a huge ashram.
Sant Shri Nishtha Saheb Ji Former name Surya Prakash Tiwari, born 10 September 1960 AD Father - Mr. Kashi Prasad Tiwari, Mother - Mrs. Kedar Kumari, Resident - Village Bahlolpur, District Sultanpur, U.P. Education - 1980 after completing graduation
After getting inspiration from the revered Sadguru Shri Sant Sharan Saheb (Nepal), Guruvar started living in the Kshetra-shadow of Shri Premdev to worship. 2. In 1996, on the occasion of the annual death anniversary, the then Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Motilal Vora Guruvar came to see Shri Prem Dev and saints. At the same time, the road power system and other facilities were made available by the government to reach the ashram. A grant of one lakh rupees was also given by the Governor.
3. Sufficient funds were made available by the devotees of Ahmedabad, Sahgo Uttar Pradesh (Talufedariya), and Kathmas for the development of Vishal Ashram. Now this ashram started being considered as the main center of Sant Samaj Barabanki.
4. Visiting every year, in the year 1998, Guruvar Premdev visited Vishal Ashram on the occasion of the annual death anniversary of Shri Vishaldev. The main building and gates of the institute were inaugurated by their taxis. In the same stay, on 8 June 1998 Jyeshta Shukla Chaturdashi V.S. Gurudev Ji left his body at the age of 86 years in 2054. Of thousands of saintly devotees
In the presence, in the courtyard of the huge ashram, a tomb was given to Gurudev Ji and the body was given samadhi.
Ashram literature 1. The writing of Shri Vishal Dev was written in the role of Vishal Vachnamrit and other literature of Sat-Samaj Barabanki. And they were published and distributed by devotees. Since 2005, after becoming a permanent center as a huge ashram All the works started being published from this center. 2. In the year 2000, the first book written by Saint Shri Nishtha Saheb Ji was selected by Swami Vishnu Tirtha Puraskar Samiti, a masterpiece of Indian spirituality tradition by Swami Vishnu Tirth Puraskar Samiti at Indir, Madhya Pradesh, with a prize money of twenty-five thousand rupees, shawl and a citation. Was sent In this sequence, over fifty excellent spiritual, social and medical related literature written by the said author was published by Vishal Ashram - Sant Kabir Spirituality Institute. Literature published by Sant Kabir Institute of Spirituality The complete technology of life through comparative study of science, Indian philosophy and principles of nature. That is, yoga and action system of body, mind and soul To understand and solve in practical language Read important texts spiritual psychology Freedom from dementia Which in the eyes of the readers Holiness, Swama, Greetings. Aap Das Ramit Got an opportunity to read Ganth. In Mango (English) language, I have not yet got to kill the demand, which awakens the goods. To dispose of the soaring copies in the mind of Jitaja so easily

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